Diggles Hot Sauce Varieties

At Diggles Hot Sauce, we carry unique products from local markets and growers. We promise you will be pleased with the high quality of our items, they are extremely tasty made from our family to yours. Every bottle is hand made with care with an attention to detail. 


Here are the flavors, in order of increasing heat:


Fire Roasted Jalepeno Garlic ($9.95) - cool heat of the jalapenos and Garlic fire roasted on a bed og hickory wood and bottled for your taste (5 of 10).  This one is great on tacos, enchiladas, or burgers, and is AMAZING on any kind of steak, especially as a marinade or injected into the meat.  Get creative with this flavor!!

Habanero Mango ($9.95)- Hot and tangy! Hits you up front but dissipates quick. Good for fish, chicken and pork (6 of 10).  This is our best seller and it goes one EVERYTHING!  I mean EVERYTHING, from making your own wing sauce to adding some ZING to leftovers. Everything.

NEW!! Homewrecker ($9.95) - solid 7 of ten on the hot scale, great for an all-around hot  sauce!  This sauce won't exactly ruin your marriage; but it will make you fall in love with the forbidden fruit as the hint and tang of apple will creep on you behind both the habanero and jalapeno peppers.

Death By Ghost Pepper  ($14.95) - This one will make you pay later with a crazy hot heat that lingers after it creeps up on you.  Great to add a lot of kick to chili or salsas, or to anything you just want hot. Did we say hot?  We mean HOT!!!

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